Introducing the Power Lift

Exclusively available for hire from Dyna Craft South Africa

The Power Lift is a triple threat. Convenient, secure & easy use.

It provides additional security and safety.

While still helping gain access to difficult-to-reach indoor & outdoor spaces.

1 person can easily move & operate this equipment up stairs or inclines.

The lightest low-level lift on the market.

power lift

power lift

1. PowerTrak™ System

Lifts and lowers with a corded or cordless drill.

Furthermore, no electronics or hydraulics to maintain.

2. Emergency Crank

Fail-safe design includes emergency descent crank.

3. Outriggers with Interlocks

Use drill hex drive to quickly level base.

Platform releases when outriggers are stabilized.

4. Modular Stacking Masts

“Tools-Free” mast coupling is fast & safe.

Automatically stops platform when not coupled.

power lift

power lift

1: Swiveling/Lockable Casters

Base has 4 swiveling casters to make moving the ultra light 129 kg system even easier.

2. Push It. Pull It. Spin It.

Moves sideways & rotates easily in any direction.

3. Make It Even Lighter

Ultra lightweight components remove to make moving even easier.

The Power Lift system gets lighter & more portable when components removed.

power lift

power lift

1. Rough Terrain.

Transport wheels roll over the most challenging ground.

2. Up Stairs.

Chassis weighs just 62 kg for moving up stairs.

3. Through Doors & Elevators.

With a width of only 762 mm, the PowerLift rolls easily through single doors & into any elevator.

4. Transport on Bumper.

Use the Hitch Hauler to transport from site to site.

What can PowerLift provide to you?


PowerLift was designed for safety as well as convenience and productivity.

The fully enclosed personnel basket on the Power Lift provides security.

Finally, a hand crank system is provided for emergency retraction.


PowerLift is perfect for locations where access is difficult for other lifts… such as stairways and tight spaces.

Therefore, this product works great in factories. Warehouses, offices and homes.

Both indoors or outdoors.


As a result, This is the lightest low-level lift on the market.

One person can easily move it on its castors.


Power lift is very simple to operate!

The only electrical component is the drill.

No expensive controls, sensors or switches to repair.

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